Monday, 2 August 2021


Hardwood floors are beautiful and increasing in popularity. Hardwood floors are quickly replacing tile in homes across the country, but that's what most people don't know. Wood floors are more integrated into every room in the house as time goes by. You can see this in many home decor magazines and online websites like Pinterest and Houzz. What rooms are currently transitioning to hardwood flooring?


The kitchen is the most used living space in your home. It has the highest percentage of hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are more comfortable and warmer than tile. You might think that this is irrelevant. However, hardwood floors are more widely accepted than tile. After years pass, if you are unhappy with the look of it, you can refinish your hardwood floors or just give it a different color. The only way to fix tile is to replace it. This can be very costly.

Here are some more reasons wood floors are better for tile:

Wood floors are easy and simple to clean
There is no grout that needs to be stained
They are more durable than any other type of flooring

Keep in mind, if your hardwood floor ever begins to look worn, they can be refinished many times.


The entryway is a popular place where hardwood can be used to replace tile. Hardwood can make your entryways appear larger and give a home a warmer feeling when you enter.


Powder rooms are bathrooms without bathtubs or showers that are joining the wood movement. Many homeowners are starting to change to hardwood for their powder rooms so that they match the rest on the first floor. We recommend that you choose a bathroom without a tub if you have to choose between two bathrooms. The tub is more likely to become wet when it is being used. If not taken care of promptly, water and wood can cause problems.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020


With the assortment of woods, finishes and colors available today, choosing wood floor can be overwhelming.

Homeowners assessing new flooring owe it to themselves to think about the advantages and beauty of timber. Wood floors are comfy, durable and amazingly affordable, and nothing compares to the character and warmth they bring to each room in the house.

While there is a number of choices available, not every kind of timber flooring is suitable for every application. If you're shopping for a wood flooring, here are some things to remember.

There are mainly two kinds of wood floors products--solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Engineered wood flooring is milled from solid wood logs and is joined with a conventional tongue and groove combined both the long and short edges.

Solid timber can be found or unfinished, in strips and planks ranging in thickness in 5/16 to 3/4 inches. Strips are 11/2-inch- to two 1/4-inches-wide and planks are 3 to 8 inches wide. Engineered hardwood flooring comes in thicknesses ranging from? - to 3/4-inch from 3 to 10 inches broad; the hardwood layer in addition to ranges in thickness from.6 millimeters to 4 millimeters.

While both types provide the exact same beauty of genuine hardwood, the principal difference between solid hardwood and engineered floors is in the floor's makeup. Since strong hardwood floors is subject to enlarge and contract relative to your home's humidity it ought to be set up on the ground floor or above level. Engineered floors, which can be more stable due to its multi-ply structure, may be installed on all levels of the house.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Your friends at Clapham Floor Sanding are usually asked which kinds of wood flooring will fare the best with dogs. There are lots of suitable options offered but there are a couple rules of thumb which can allow you to select the very best flooring for you.


First of all, it's crucial to mention that hardwood flooring has many advantages over other flooring options. It's totally natural. There is no better choice for cleanliness, air quality, and protection from allergens. Engineered hardwood is lasting, but strong hardwood floors is better for houses with pets.

AVAILABLE Alternatives

Years ago, the options available for hardwood floors were very limited. This traditional look is still popular today but today it only represents a tiny segment of the alternatives out there. There are many different types of hardwoods in a full selection of colours -- some are naturally occurring while some are stained or stained.


Experienced dog owners recommend that you choose a hardwood species that's quite difficult so it will withstand scratches and dents. They recommend a light color so that creature hair will not be easily visible. And, they advocate against having a glossy finish because it tends to reveals that the scratches more easily in reflected light.


Dog fans also need to be worried about preventing moisture onto the hardwood floors. It's essential to avoid the possibility of this dog urinating on the timber floor, especially when nobody is home to clean it up straight away.

The puppy's food and drink should be placed on a watertight surface to prevent any moisture reaching the wood floor. Even houses with no dog should have an absorbent rug by the entrances to avoid tracking snow, rain, or dirt to the home.


We all understand that sometimes accidents do happen. Visible scratches are easily remedied with a new coat of finish applied occasionally. Damaged or stained sections of hardwood flooring can be repaired or replaced. Find out more about the best hardwood flooring to consider different aspects of your lifestyle before making a last choice.

Friday, 29 May 2020


Whether you just bought a lovely Clapham Area attic with classic hardwood floors, or you are doing a major renovation job -- ripping out carpets and placing in new hardwood floors -- you would like to enjoy longevity, ease of use, and minimal maintenance costs. Below are a few pointers to help keep your hardwood flooring beautiful, damage-and-debris-free, and easy to maintain.

Don't let water or other spills to linger! So that your toddler spilled the puppy's water bowl. Or a guest dropped a glass of chardonnay while laughing at one of your particularly amusing anecdotes. Or a worker tracked wet mud in your room. Life happens. But if you do not wipe these clogs up, mold and other problems may develop and create not just aesthetic harm but also rotting hazards, warping, and other structural issues.

90% of success is avoidance . Protect thy flooring! Place felt or old carpet pads beneath the legs of tables and chairs and other furniture. Put mats around entrances. Vacuum and wash your floors regularly. Hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner to come in on a fairly regular basis, particularly if your floor gets lots of use and abuse.

Consider the prices that you will save. First off, if your flooring remain in great shape, the value of your home or construction receives the benefit. Second, the price of fixing a warped, dilapidated, mildewy, or otherwise corroded floor could be exorbitant -- much more than the cost of even rigorous, outsourced cleaning help. It is sort of like insurance. A single"poor" accident or health event can wipe you out. That's why we get insurance! Likewise, good care acts like insurance both to your floor and your pocketbook.

Utilize a diversity of cleaning tools. Try soft brushes, vacuums with bare floor attachments, dust mops, damp mops (only for suitably sealed floors) and cleaning products that meet the needs and needs of the project. Prevent using urethane, harsh cleaners that leave residue and films, and cleaners that contain ammonia or oil soap.

Be cautious that there are various levels of"clean". Just because your hardwood floors appear fine after a light dusting or cleaning doesn't mean that they actually ARE getting the deep cleaning that they really need. It is like your teeth. You may brush your teeth. Your smile may appear great. But you may have cavities or problems with your gums or anything. To eliminate those difficulties, you need professional assistance.

Floor Sanding Clapham

In case you need help with heavy cleaning, refinishing or re-sanding your floors, turn to the experts here in Floor Sanding Clapham. Find out how to care for and maintain your lovely Clapham Area flooring today at, or phone us now at 020 3151 7973 .

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Wood Flooring Prices What Affects The Price?

Irrespective of which kind of wood flooring you are searching to purchase, as soon as you get started shopping around, you will see a enormous variation in the costs for items that seem to be similar. If you are new to wood floors, this can make your task to discover the ideal solution quite frustrating. From our standpoint there are three Chief components that affect the Purchase Price of hardwood floors and they're:

Whether you decide on solid or engineered floor.

Frequent readers of the site are already knowledgeable about the gap between engineered and solid hardwood flooring, however, in brief, for people who aren't.... Engineered hardwood flooring is a solidly assembled"sandwich" of various timber products which are secured together to make a secure sub board. This sub plank is then topped off with a good wood lamella or high layer, and that's exactly what makes engineered timber flooring look like wood.

If it comes to cost, it is only reasonable to state that strong wood is somewhat more costly than engineered wood floors. Nevertheless, solid hardwood floors is sure stand up to more sandings in its life than engineered timber. Broadly , the likes of an 18/5 engineered timber flooring will allow around 6 or 5 sandings, whereas a 14/3 board is only going to stand up to approximately 4 sandings. Certainly, the amount of times you can sand and refinish your floor is among the aspects that will allow you to keep it looking good for longer. A good wood flooring, if it is professionally trimmed, will stand around approximately 8 or 7 sandings (and perhaps more).

When it has to do with the price that you pay for your hardwood flooring, you have to consider the length of time the flooring will last in addition to the first investment.

The species and grade of wood you select.

Various species of forests are priced differently and prices can differ more dramatically than you would imagine. The general rule of thumb in regards to pricing wood is that the more infrequent and the more exotic the species that the higher the price you can expect cover. In particular, naturally quite dark forests, which are currently highly in demand, are pricey because they are rare. The likes of pine and oak, although they still require a relatively long time to develop are affordable because they are in greater supply.

If it comes to wood grades, every grade demonstrates different attributes and, generally speaking, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Things such as knots size, uniformity and sap are the features which make up the different ranges. Wood is divided into four grades: Prime or AB grade; Select or ABC tier; Natural or ABCD grade and Rustic or CD grade. AB grade is cut out of the middle of the log and contains a highly uniform appearance. Because of this, it's priced higher than the lower grades.
It's important to state that the timber species and grade of wood you prefer is a highly personal thing, so, there is nothing to say that a more affordable wood will not tick all of your boxes!

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Hardwood Floors Current Design Trends

Hardwood flooring will stay a classic consideration for flooring demands in any house - commercial or residential. While there are many different surfaces to produce a splash on the floor scene in the past few decades, there's not any comparing some of the new substances to exactly what hardwood can provide.

The most effective general, hardwood floors features expand past the prototypical classic wood appearance and texture. In reality, there have been a lot of improvements in both the setup, maintenance, resurfacing, and everyday maintenance of hardwood flooring throughout time. Lately, there are a few newer layout trends that are certain to keep wood near the peak of the flooring course as it's been because residential building started. Following are a few of the current design trends so as to keep you current with what's trendy and beneficial at the moment in interior layout.


While walnut is typically the most common wood associated with the construction of hardwood flooring, there are a couple newer features that homeowners are considering. Among the most popular is reclaimed wood, or wood which was previously used for a different function but can be set up to provide character and a exceptional feeling to a home. Bamboo can also be making an impression in the floors world with its lighter colour and recognized feel.


Traditional skinny planks are becoming less comfortable as homeowners more readily choose wider boards or even non-traditional patterns. Rather than laying all of the boards parallel to present walls to get a flow pattern, many are opting instead to use a diagonal or herringbone design similar to what was popular centuries past.


Consistently a personal preference to the proprietor, there is 1 colour that's becoming more popular than it has been previously. Grey is skyrocketing in popularity for homeowners putting down new flooring in a change from the more traditional dark and light brown color schemes. One of several stunning hardwood flooring options, the color spectrum is growing, even for real wood.


The selected finish is a vital part of hardwood floors and while a brighter glow insinuated a better floor - times are definitely changing. Most homeowners now elect to employ a more dull appearance with a flat or matte finish.

If you are ready to have a peek at the many choices now available for having new hardwood floors installed, old surfaces repaired, or your floors refinished then look no further than Clapham Floor Sanding. Our professionally trained employees have a wealth of expertise, can help with the particulars of which variables will impact any improvement to your home, and can assist in determining the best aesthetically pleasing color scheme for any room in your home. Serving the Clapham and surrounding areas since 1989, CFS will provide assistance in selecting the proper look, feel, and leadership for your area while providing hands on expertise and explanations about the work you want completed. Contact us now at 020 3151 7973 To schedule your free quote to begin.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

7 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

We often are asked,"Which are the advantages of hardwood flooring?" There are lots of flooring choices and new technologies is added to the current market, but nothing can imitate the gorgeous, elegant, and organic element of hardwood flooring in any home. Not only are they an added elegant element, but they also add value to your house and are key in the resale home market. Advances in technology have contributed to our hardwood flooring looking better, lasting longer, and easier to care for thane ever. Here are seven advantages of getting hardwood in your home:

  1. Hypoallergenic: Hardwood flooring trap fewer pollutants such as dust, pollen, and dust mites compared to other flooring types. 
  2. Increased home worth : Hardwood floors can last a life and therefore are always in design, making them more economical in the future as you don't need to reinstall.
  3. Antique Style: Hardwood flooring is classic. It enriches the warmth of any house, and its own organic colours blend with the decor of every space.
  4. Easy to Maintain: To maintain them in good shape and looking new, regular care such as sweeping or vacuuming with a soft broom or vacuum is generally all that's required.
  5. Permanent : Maintained properly, hardwood floors should never need to be replaced. Our"Solid" timber is milled from 1 piece of wood. Our exotic collection of hardwood flooring offers some of the densest, most lasting species on the planet. Our prefinished flooring includes 7 layers of aluminum oxide plus two anti-scratch layers that will help resist scratches.
  6. Variety: Our whole line of exotic species offers a wide array of appearances to coincide with your character, style, and home. From light to dark, we've got a species which will match your
    preferences. Prefinished can be appreciated as soon as the flooring is installed. Prefinished flooring is available in many designs, widths, colors, and species. Pre-finished flooring is typically a 3/4" solid nail-down merchandise and needs no sanding. Pre-finished flooring can be refinished a lot of times. Unfinished wood flooring are the most frequent flooring installation. These floors are installed as raw timber, groove and tongue merchandise on each of four sides; sanded, stained, and finished on site to suit your homeowner's preference. A number of stains and completed may be used. Floating floors are usually a laminated snap-together floor in a variety of styles and colors. Floating floors are excellent for more concrete installments such as basement remodels.
  7. Repairable: Hardwood floors can be re-finished to hide damage such as gouges. Sanding hardwood flooring used to be a dust nightmare, but not anymore! Airborne wood dust, a known carcinogen, is a jobsite hazard that is wholly unnecessary. We at Clapham Floor Sanding are pleased to offer Bona's Atomic Dust Containment System; a groundbreaking, health-conscious system that doesn't allow airborne dust to permeate your home! It is a much healthier environment to operate in every day and cleans up what used to be a very dusty process. Not only is it safer and cleaner, but faster. Using this system permits you to be back in your home in a matter of hours, not days!

Take a look at our gallery for inspiration or contact Clapham Floor Sanding now and we could have one of our friendly professionals come have a look at your flooring job.